Luke Woodruff

About me

People that are important to me!

The people that i find important in my life is for sure my family. This includes my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, mom, dad, sisters, and my grandparents. A long with about anybody else that has inspired me through my life or have affected me in a positive way. This includes teachers, friends, and others that have helped me through my life.


I have many interests. They include things such as showing pigs, hunting, and also hanging out with my friends. I like showing pigs at the Butler County Fair each year and I have been doing it for 11 years now. I shot a twenty point buck while hunting when I was in 5th grade. I have fun hanging out with my friends bowling on the weekends.

Experiences That Affected Me

I grew up working with animals such as cows and pig and being around them. This allowed me to be more comfortable when I am showing pigs. Another big thing that affected me a lot was my dad having a brain aneurysm. This helped me grow up as a person and has affected how the rest of my life has gone.

Favorite Books

I have many favorite books. But my favorite genre to read about is either war or old westerns. One of my favorite authors is Louis La'Mour. He is famous old western author and wrote one of my favorite books. It was called the Sackett Brand. My dad was the one that got me reading his books and this allowed me to really start getting into reading books
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