About Mark Twain

Will Phillips


  • Mark Twain was born in Mississippi
  • His real name was Samuel Langhorn Clemans
  • He changed it to Mark Twain
  • Twain was special for his writing ability
  • Twain was born on 1835


  • In Mark Twain's childhood he played hooky with his mother
  • His mother took him to printing office
  • There he learned how to read and write
  • He love to write books and poems
  • He wrote 2 short stories in one day


  • Mark Twain's career was writing books
  • He wrote many interesting books
  • Twain wrote Huklberry fin and Tom surer
  • Twain wrote so many books
  • He had a lob at a publishing company


  • Mark Twain had 4 kids
  • One of them wrote a book about him
  • Twain's family was so proud of his books


  • Mark Twain died on April 21st, 1910
  • Twain always wore gray when he went to a publisher
  • Twain got so much fame but he never forgot about his family
  • Twain's books still live on today