Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 1 Week 7 - 9th- 13th March


Monday 9th March

9am - Morning Assembly

Tuesday 10th March

8:15am - LST Meeting

3:15pm - Stage Meetings

Wednesday 11th March

8:15am - Exec Mtg

11:50am - Assembly

Thursday 12th March

8:15am - Staff Meeting

1pm - Preschool Mtg @ Matraville SS PS (Ben)

4pm - Showcase Meeting (Roxanne)

Friday 13th March


9-11am - Ben @ South Coogee PS

Upcoming Events

Week 8

Wednesday 18th March - Harmony Day Assembly hosted by 3F

Week 9

Monday 23rd March - Harmony Day (Stage rotation activities, RESPECT wristbands, Frosty Fruits)

Thank You

I'd like to thank Elizabeth, Kathy and Elisha for running a fantastic Parent Info Night in the preschool last Tuesday night. It was a good turn out and the night had a great atmosphere. Thanks also to Roxanne for your support in preparation for the night.

I'd also like to thank Helene and the SRC for organising a great Ice Block fundraiser on Friday for the Starlight Foundation. Standing out there on Friday, I could see the well-oiled machine in operation as over 200 children received an ice block with no arguments, only plenty of smiles. Many thanks to Tina, Annie and Roxanne for running it so smoothly. I wasn't out there for the whole time, so I sincerely apologise if I have left anyone out in my thank you.