If you know where this element is notify the police ASAP.

Wanted for:

This element is responsible for the countless crimes such as making illegal fertilizers in his underground cellar, helping hydrogen to make ammonia, making an unreactive atmosphere with out government supervision, and producing nylon, dyes, nitric acid, and explosives. Nitrogen is part of an underground steel, coolers, and oil refiner trafficking system. If spotted do not confront Nitrogen call the local authorities immediately.


Nitrogen or Noxious air is known on the streets as phlogisticated air.


Nitrogen is color less and odorless and it is a gas at room temperature. Nitrogen weighs 14.007 and has a tattoo on the upper right hand corner of his chest of the number seven.
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Nitrogen has seven protons, neutrons, and electrons. It is fairly stable atom at its pure form. nitrogen also has a hexagonal crystalline structure.

First arresting officer:

Daniel Rutherford was the first arrester. He discovered him in 1772. He describes him as, "A ruthless criminal who will do anything to escape jail time." Daniel was born in 1741 on
November 3rd in Edinburgh, Scotland and never thought he would be busting a big time criminal like Nitrogen.

Report on first arrest:

Nitrogen was first discovered by Daniel Rutherford who was playing around with a closed box with a mouse inside. When Nitrogen took over and killed the mouse. This happened again with burning sulfur and a candle also inside the box. Nitrogen in this case ceased the flames. Nitrogen was later caught that year in 1772.
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Last seen:

Nitrogen was last spotted next Carbon and in front of Oxygen. He belongs to the gang commonly known as The Group 15 Block P. Nitrogen was spotted last in his safe house in the atmosphere.
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Known associates:

Nitrogen was last seen on the shady side of town with hydrogen trying to cook up some ammonia. N2 +3 H2-->2NH3 is the equation Nitrogen was using to make the ammonia. First Nitrogen and Hydrogen were both put under high pressure and heat. Then transfused to make ammonia gasses.