CRR - 3rd and 4th

Update for Thursday, April 7

Tomorrow's Practice - April 9-10 Tournament - April Calendar - Pictures

Practice #11

Friday, April 8th, 5-6:30pm

3245 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA

A few reminders...
  1. Bring a ball (28.5" is the size we play with)
  2. Water only please
  3. WEAR YOUR JERSEY (full uniform is even better) EVERY PRACTICE

Teams for April 9-10

CRR Black

1. Diego Cortes-Torres

2. Domini Fontana

3. Jack McGoldrick

4. Carson Wuebker

5. Jack Davis

6. Devin Halimi

7. Chase Dinaburg

8. Gavin Vernekoff

9. Evan Ambrose

10. Esteban Hernandez


1. Matthew Becker

2. Noah Clifford

3. Theodore Georges

4. Tyler Yee

5. Jayden Walton

6. Jackson Henderson

7. Amaury McKinney

8. Preston Weninger

9. Rocco Giordono

10. Vincent Seyford

Game Schedule for April 9-10

CRR Black


8:00 AM HWP Court 6

11:10 AM Practice Facility


9:00 AM HWP Court 8



9:00 Practice Facility


1:20 HWP Court 8

3:20 HWP Court 6

CRR Black AND Red

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April Calendar

Click on the link to download a pdf version of the calendar
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Please see the note from Christy McKinney below and thank you!

"Our friend, De'Onna Jack attended the tournament this past weekend and captured some great shots from both the 3rd and 4th grade teams. Would you mind sharing the link with the parents and password?"

Website link:

Password: calxtremred32016