Kindergarten Korner

Sequiota Kindergarten October 17-21

A Letter from the K Teachers...

Hello Families,

We are SO proud of each and every one of our students and all of their hard work during the first quarter! We are excited to meet with you to share the wonderful progress your child has made. We are excited to kick off second quarter and continue building on concepts we have been working so hard to learn!

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!


The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Kavanaugh,

Mrs. Roman,

Mrs. Slominsky,

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week, we'll continue to work on strategies for reading unknown words. Your child is learning to:

  1. Point and match - we use our pointer finger to point under the beginning letter of each word
  2. Look at the pictures - pictures offer valuable clues
  3. Get your mouth ready - make the first sound in the word and think:
  • What would sound right?
  • Look right?
  • Make sense?

We are continuing to work in guided reading groups. This instruction is in small groups and is geared towards your child's needs as a reader. We are focusing on your child's strengths and opportunities for growth while reviewing the routines and procedures of what guided reading looks like and sounds like.

A big part of reader's workshop is teaching your children about building stamina while completing work in their work stations. We are working on becoming self regulated and staying on task the entire time. It is so exciting to see all of their hard work pay off!

Shared Reading

This week we will be reading Fall Fun, from Reading A-Z. Our new sight word for the week is we and we will continue to review all the sight words introduced so far. This book is a nonfiction text, also known as informational text. We'll learn how the features such as a table of contents, real photographs and labels can help the reader. We encourage you to ask them to share one nonfiction text feature they have learned!


This week we are continuing to work on blending (putting sounds together), and segmenting (taking words apart). Ask your child to show you the Roller Coaster Trick for blending sounds. As we do this, it is important to emphasize letter sounds and matching them to the correct letter. You can practice at home by showing your child a CVC word (cat, dad, mom, etc.) and have your kiddos use the roller coaster trick to practice blending the sounds together.

A fun website that offers great practice at home is Starfall. Click here to check it out!

Writer's Workshop

This week we will continue to work on stretching out words and listening for all the sounds we hear in words. This week, we will begin looking close at mentor texts that emphasize small moments. We will be working on taking big moments and breaking them down into smaller moments. For example, they may want to write about the zoo (big moment) and we will break that into seeing specific animals (smaller moments).

Ask your child to share a small moment from school!

Math Workshop

This week your child will look at the ways in which we compose and decompose numbers within five. This means we will be working on showing different ways to make a given number, and to break a given number into parts. A great way to teach this standard is through the use of maniuplatives.

We also are going to continue to build number sense through number writing and identification. Working with your child at home on writing numbers, and simply counting by 1's, 5's and 10's is both useful, and fun!

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This week, we will be diving deeper into the season of fall! On Tuesday, we will begin looking at the characteristics of pumpkins. Your child will have the opportunity to investigate pumpkins using an educational website called Pebble Go and complete hands on activities with a pumpkin.

A great way to get "the wheels turning" is for us to create a KWL chart with your child. Students brainstorm things they already know about pumpkins and things they want to know about pumpkins. After learning all about pumpkins we will revisit the KWL chart and list the things they have learned.

Language Workshop

This week, the students will continue making predictions in stories. The students will use mentor texts pertaining to fall and pumpkins. You can help at home by asking your child to predict what they think will happen next when reading a story with them.

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 17 - No School for students - Teacher Professional Work/Learning

October 18-21 - Red Ribbon Week (see information below)

Friday,October 21 - Hoe Down (family event) at Sequiota

Monday, October 24 - 3:00-3:45 Future Indian Kindergarten Prep at Sequiota Library

Monday, October 24 - Parent Teacher Conferences begin

Friday, October 28 - Hat Day $1, Pink Out (wear pink)

Monday, October 31 - Celebration Assembly at 1:00

Monday, November 7 - No School for students

Tuesday, November 8 - No School for students