Knight on Trial for Murder

Knight kills his wife

The Murder Marriage

Early Monday morning 911 gets a call warning the police of loud screams coming from a house. The police arrive and see a dead woman surrounded in blood. The police figure out the woman is old and her husband is The Knight. They try to get in contact with him multiple times and get no answer. They later came in contact with him and he came in for questioning after realizing he was having an affair and his story wasn't adding up he became a suspect for her murder. They figured out that their marriage turned sour and he wanted a younger prettier wife so he killed her. This was the only way he could get out of the marriage without proving the Queen wrong. He is now going to court to figure out how long his sentence will be.

Monday, September 5

The murder happened Monday, September 5 at 3 p.m. The crime scene is located at the house of The Knight and The Old Woman. A neighbor heard screaming and called the cops, by the time the cops got there she was dead.

Guilty or Not?

Frequently asked questions?

What was used to kill the old woman? Was the woman dead automatically? Did the Knight really do it? Was the the Knight sleeping around? The answer is the old woman was killed with a knife and she did not die automatically. The Knight did kill her because he was sleeping around with another woman and wanted his marriage to be over.

London Police

Contact the London police if you have any other information on the case. We are open 24/7 so do not be hesitant to call at any hour. You do not have to worry about being involved with the case due to the call because the call can be anonymous.
Ala. Man Deported in Connection to Wife's Death
In this video the man kills his wife not long after the wedding. The man in this video has the same qualities that the Knight does.