Meet Invisible Children

A Leading Human Rights Organization Presents at SHS

Monday, November 18

Come hear about the work of Invisible Children, a nonprofit organization that seeks to:

  • spread awareness on warlord Joseph Kony
  • put an end to LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) conflict in Central and East Africa

This is a rare opportunity to hear a presentation from a high profile organization and from the perspective of a native Ugandan.


The Invisible Children team will be speaking in the Shelby High School Lecture Hall to Ms. Jankov's English I students and to any other student with teacher permission.

  • 2nd Block 9:19-10:49
  • 3AB Block 10:53 - 12:23
  • 4th Block 1:02 - 2:30
MOVE: Invisible Children's new film from the creators of KONY 2012

They will be selling merchandise at lunch, so be sure to bring extra cash to school!