"The happiest place on earth"

What,When, and Who

  • Invention: Disneyland
  • Year of invention: July 17, 1955
  • Inventor: Walt Disney

What Made it Happen

Walt Disney’s dream and vision turned into a reality at Anaheim, California on July 17, 1955 when Disneyland was no longer a fantasy, but a reality. It was created throughout a 160 acre field and amounted to a 17 million dollar project. At that time no other amusement park was bigger and even today no park has been more successful. The dream Walt Disney had was to make a place for the whole family and without the vulgar, grime and typical rides found at other amusement parks.

What did it Affect?

Before the typical amusement park was dirty and people were hustling for one thing: your money. after Disneyland, it opened the eyes of builders,planners and other amusement parks. they had to up their game to TRY to keep the park running and it was no longer about your money, but YOU and the quality of the amusement parks. the creation of Disneyland also inspired more places to be built. without Disneyland we might not have an enchanted forest,6 flags or knots berry farm.

The Turning Point, Three Reasons Why

  1. Theme parks had to up their game and make their place desirable and appealing. Disneyland set the standard and still does.
  2. It is a place families save up for even if it takes years to go to just for once to experience what makes it so special. in the US, Disney parks are the #1 tourist destination. over the years, it has grossed more than 515 million guests.
  3. More leisure time was available at this time and people/families wanted a place to go to suit the whole family,and they got one.

Net Income Statistics of Disneyland 1991-2010

Random Facts

  • The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty Castle is real and has been raised and lowered twice; once when the park first opened, and again in 1983 when Fantasy land was rededicated.
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds coaster was the first tubular steel roller coaster in the world when it opened in 1959, and as such it revolutionized the design and construction of roller coasters.
  • There are 350 miles of fiber optic cable used in Fantasy land alone.
  • The Haunted Mansion is home to 999 spooks eager to welcome one more ghost to their ranks.
  • Tarzan's Tree house stands 70 feet tall and features 450 branches with more than 6,000 leaves.
  • Walt came up with the concept of The Haunted Mansion nearly 20 years before it was constructed