Spartans of Rome

776 - 362 BC

The History of Sparta

Sparta is known to be founded by Lacedaemon, who was the son of Zeus and Taygete. There was a territory known as "Koili Lacedaemon", which laid between mount Taygetos and Parnon. The king of this territory was Menelaos.
Spartans were known well for their battles and wars. There were two wars known by the name of Messeneian. The first incident occurred from 743 - 724 BC and the second occurred from 685 - 668 BC. Spartans were also known for the Wars of Tegea that ended with the two becoming allies. The Persian Wars occurred because of a revolt army wanting to attack Greece and gain control. Throughout time Spartans have been known for many other battles and wars that have helped them cause strong historical events.

Training of the Spartans

After the birth of a child the mother would have washed it in wine to make sure it was strong enough to live. Until the age of seven, each child was reared by their mothers. After a child would reach their seventh birthday, they would be released from the care of their mothers and handed over to the state.
During the early Spartans training, the children were treated as what seemed harsh to survival skills. They were drilled in gymnastics, jumping, running, and the throwing of the spear. They were taught to endure pain and hardship, hunger, thirst, cold, fatigue, and lack of sleep. They weren't given the luxury of shoes and were only given a single piece of cloth for cover up a year to last for both summer and winter.

Artirstics of Sparta

Throughout Spartan history there has been many historic events that have been recorded with art. They have used cups, plates, and vases for recording data of their social events. With these objects they have recorded their history through art.
There is the Spartan cup that looks to be showing the weight and struggle the Spartans would carry for their ruler. The Laconian cup is showing a small battle between the two horses and a Spartan. Pythos is a vase that is shown to be the graphics of the battles of Spartans.

Survival of the Spartans

Spartans were not given much to eat or drink but they were given enough to last with their survival. They were expected to steal from neighboring farms and were whipped or further punished when they were caught. The programs the boys went through was to make them self-sufficient while on the battlefield. All of these techniques were to help the Spartans stay strong and keep to the mission during the battle.
Once a Spartan would reach the age of twenty they were allowed to marry and start their families. This didn't mean that they were released from their duties though. They were to remain active in the military until they hit the age of thirty. After they came to their releasing age of thirty, they were to stay as active reserves until the age of sixty. Once the Spartan reached the age of sixty, they were finally released from the Spartan life.

Sparta Vs. Athens (Editorial)

Athens were highly concentrated on their development of artistic and intellectual capabilities. Spartans were primarily focused on on their military power and forms of government.
Athens have been more focused on their ability to have a great society within the arts and literature. Spartans have been worthy of their strong battles. Spartans are looked high upon and admired by many Greeks for their strong military and stable form of government. I think that the Spartans were better or achieved greater things by focusing on their military which stood as their primary source of security.