Playing Sports With Aputations


Paralympics vs Olympics

Most people when asked don't know very much about or what the Paralympics are. Most only know what the Olympics are and what happens there. For people that don't know what the Paralympics are, they are competitions very similar to the Olympics except the contestants are physically disabled , for example some have wooden legs and others have amputees on there arms or other body parts. The Paralympics are similar to the Olympics, for one they both are competitions where participants compete to see who the best is in that event. Another thing is that to make your country's team you have to try out to make it. Another thing is that they have most of the same sports like track and field, gymnastics, and cross country skiing. The only exception is that some events in the Paralympics are scored differently depending on classes which are based on where the injury is. Also in the Paralympics some sports are modified like ice hockey. Another difference is that in the Paralympics there are no byzantine scoring. Also the media is more focused on the Olympics than the Paralympics. This could be because more countries participant in the Olympics than the Paralympics. Altogether the Paralympics and Olympics and have many similarities and differences.

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Timeline: George Eyser

George Eyser was an inspiration to many and was an amazing gymnast. It all started when he was born in Kiel Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in 1871. As a child George played a sport called turnverein, which came from Germany and included tumbling and modern-day vault. Not long after he got into a train accident and lost his left leg. After being devastated he and his family came to America in 1884. Here George took up gymnastics with his prosthetic leg and soon, he was practicing everyday. Shortly after his family moved again to Colorado from there house in St. Louis. Here George kept training and then he finally tried out for the Olympics, since there was no such thing as the Paralympics then. George knew he would have a disadvantage with his prosthetic leg so he mainly relied on his upper body strength. Finally, George got into the 1904 Olympics. In the end George ended up making history by winning a total of 6 medals in one night, 3 gold, 2 silver , and 1 bronze. After the Olympics he moved to St. Louis and became a bookkeeper in 1910. 10 years later there is no record to what happened to George Eyser, its almost like he made history than just disappeared.

taken from: George Eyser- Honored Guest, The Mystery of George Eyser

Car Crash Prevention

In one second you entire life can flash before your eyes. One minutes you can be a star swimmer and the next your in a hospital with only leg. This has happened to many people like Oliver Halassy. Everyone who has been through probably had an average life the suddenly everything came crashing down for them. There are many ways to prevent like making sure you are wearing your seat-belt at all times, in case you crash your seat-belt prevents you from going forward further. Another is making sure you have no distractions, like texting and calling because it is better for your friend to wait 5 minutes than you having to get severely hurt. Also, to make sure your not speeding because even if you crash it has less damage going at a slower speed than going faster and crashing. Another big one is too always watch out for other drivers, because your not the only one going to get hurt but so are they. Overall, loosing your leg in a car crash or any accident can be live changing but there are ways to help prevent it.

taken from: Top 19 Ways to Avoid an Automotive Accident.

Reasons People Have Amputations

There are about 2 million people living with Amputations in just the U.S. There are many reasons why people need amputations. One big reason is that people get PAD, Peripheral Arterial Disease, where fat deposits build up in the body and they stop blood flow. Another big reason are from severe injuries like car accidents, train accidents, and plane crashes. Also, severe diabetes can cause damage on the nerves from the high blood sugar levels. Some less common reasons are from Burgher's Disease, which is a rare condition where the blood vessels become swollen and blocked which can lead to even worse infections. Another less common one are from cancer that develops inside the skin or bone of a limb. Overall many people end up with amputations and there are many causes as to why this happens.

taken from: Amputation: Why Its Done.


The Paralympics are the second biggest sport competition in the world. The Paralympics are almost like the Olympics but the athletes have physical disabilities like amputated legs, vision impairment, or dwarfism. The Paralympics were founded in 1989, and today they include more than 170 nations and 1,100 athletes. They have a total of 20 events including archery, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, wheelchair rugby, cycling, and goal ball. The first Paralympic took place in Rome in 1960 and slowly they got bigger and bigger. Then in 1976 they created the Paralympic Winter Games with events like Alpine and Nordic skiing. Today the Paralympics continue to grow and have more countries join.

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taken from: Paralympics: Spirit in Motion