Somalia imagination in Minnesota

By, Hannah Mitchell

Push and Pull factors

Most Somalis are leaving Somalia, because there are not enough jobs for everyone, no resources, war, and poor housing. They're coming to Minnesota because here we have, more money, educational opportunities, attractive urban job market, and refugee service agencies.

Ravenstein's laws of migration

In the Somalia migration, the rural to urban, long distance and step by step all fit for them because one, they're moving from across the world, and two they move from Somalia to United States and then slowly move up to Minnesota.

Current issues and challenges for Somalian immigrants in Minnesota.

In Minnesota- especially at school and in the work place- Somalis find they must negotiate for time and space to pry, for permission to wear the Hijian, and for understanding as they fast from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan. Islam also prohibits charging or paying interest, which makes it difficult to purchase homes or otherwise participate in western economic life.

Somalian homes

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