2015 Year in Review

Adam K.

3 Companies that marketed themselves the best in 2015

1. Under Armour marketed themselves well. Using the I will phrase in their merchandise.

They also struck multiple deals with famous athletes such as Steph Curry, Kelley O Hara, and golf star Jordan Speith.


2. Apple also marketed themselves well too. They released the apple watch and new ipad pro. They are the most popular smartphone and come out with the new technology.

3. Nike comes out with some of the best shoes and clothing each year. They are known for their basketball performance merchandise. They use famous athletes in their commercials such as lebron james, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Chris Paul.

Best products of 2015


2. Under Armour Steph Curry 2

Worst Products of 2015

1. LG G Flex 2

2. Sharp Beyond 4k TV

Two top movies of 2015

1. Star Wars was the most top-grossing movie of 2015. They already had a fanbase from the movies they made before that and fans were eager to see the release of a new movie in over 10 years. Everyone was berserk for this movie to come out and it was marketed very well through media, merchandise and even word of mouth
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Jurassic World

Jurassic World was also a successfully marketed movie. Just like Star Wars they had a trilogy of movies which means they had people who had previously seen their movies which helped them gain new ones. And who doesn't like dinosaurs.
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Top music artists of 2015

1, Drake was a successful music artist in 2015 from his beef with meek mill he released two popular songs named Back to Back,Charged Up, Hotline Bling, and Jump man. He also released songs alongside fellow rapper Future.

2.Justin Beiber came back this year with fire. Releasing his new album Purpose, with a lot of popular songs on the billboards.

Top ten Paid NFL Players


1. Ben Rothlisburger

2. Philip Rivers

3. Russell Wilson

4. Cam Newton

5. Marcell Dareus

New Years Resolutions

1. More organized in order to conserve time and be successful

2. Be nicer to my siblings

3. Get better Grades