Welcome to Chinatown!


Welcome to chinatown! (歡迎唐人街)

Welcome to Chinatown! Here you will find Chinese culture, endless Chinese food, and lots of fun. Chinatown has some of the best restaurants, activities, sports, music, and education there is!!! Come and visit (Or stay) at Chinatown!

Tips for getting through school in one piece (提示通過學校在一塊越來越)

1. Make friends

If you don't make friends in the school year, other kids will find ways to pick on you and with you all alone, it wouldn't end well. you just need someone that you can rely on and that is trustworthy towards a friendship. Remember to make friends with the good kids, and not the bad ones. if you befriend one of those kids, he will most likely bring you down the road of misery and failure. CHOOSE WISELY!

2. Pay attention in class.

If you don't pay attention in school, you will not know what to do and end up in a failing grade and fail the marking period/semester. DON'T FORGET TO STUDY

3. Don't be afraid of bullies

If you are being picked on by a bully, its most likely because he thinks he has more power over you. If you make him think that way, he will continue to pick on you. If You make the bully think that he is not what he thinks he is, he will not pick on you for the rest of the school year. Always stand up for yourself!

4. Always do your homework

Same with paying attention to the teachers assignments, you will have to know what you need to do for your homework. just remember that this can also have a big impact on your overall grade.

China Town Hobbies (唐人街愛好)

Oakland High's Lion Dance Clubs
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Top Five Most Popular Instruments in Chinatown (五大最受歡迎儀器在唐人街)

Chinese Musical Instruments. Among the many traditional musical instruments of China, the most popular nowadays include the stringed instruments called the erhu, pipa, and guzheng, and the dizi flutes. some also include the Bagpipe and the flute

1. The Erhu is especially played and popular in Chinatown. it is most like a long stringed violin. This instrument is most likely found in the streets of china town. many people will park down on the side walk, or in a park and play for a group of people.

2. The Flute Is another very popular instrument of china town. This instrument will be most likely found basically anywhere! it ranges from: the streets, a play, a theater, a show, a concert, etc...!!!!!

3. The pipa is a lovely Stringed instrument usually found in Chinatown or china areas. Like a guitar, it has many strings, and can be played as a Ucayali. these can also be found basically anywhere in the town

4. The Dizi flute is pretty self explanitory. it is pretty much a chinese flute. like the other flute, it can usually be found anywhere.

5. the Bagpipe is another popular Instrument in china town. You will rarely see these on the streets, put you might find a group of them at the park, theater or concert. BE WARNED these instruments can be really loud and annoying. If you just wanted to have a quiet day, i WOULD NOT recommend coming here! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Popular restaurants By the Rating (人氣餐館的點評)

  1. Wok Inn: The wok inn is an amazing 4-star restaurant. they hold lion dance competitions and many amazing varieties of chinese food
  2. Tai chan: another amazing resturante fun for the whole family. 3 stars of goodness and food buffet
  3. PF Changs: Not only in MERICA it still goes from china and holds many different chinese/Japenese food. 4 stars of the amazing food from this great restaurant

Lion Dance competition (獅舞大賽)

Sunday, July 19th, 6:15-9pm

Wok Inn Dining, Hayes Road, Chinatown San Francisco (炒鍋酒店餐飲,海耶斯路,牛車水三藩市)

前來舞獅比賽在著名的炒鍋客棧。將有食物,遊戲,以及2000獎! (不再

Places to stay (住宿的地方)

One good place to stay for the evening or day would be the Wyndham Gardens Chinatown. it has a beautiful garden and can be a very lovely visit. I recomend coming to this beautiful stay

Another great stay is the Dragon gate inn. this is a great stay if you love a lot of food loud music, and a good time. this great hotel has low low prices and you can be their for all the time you need

The final place to stay (For the day) would be the R&G Lounge. it is a perfect spot to see if your roaming the town and need to take a break for a while

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