Eye Contact and Facial Expressions

By: Chris Guest

Eye Contact

-Eye contact is very important in communication, because you can tell a lot through eye contact.

- Most of the time when you're in a conversation, you look at each other eyes, because its hard to talk with out looking at each others eyes.

-Eye contact is a very strong communication, because it can make you uncomfortable when someone is staring at you.

-You can tell a lot through eye contact, like emotions and other signs.

- Eye contact is important for job interviews, meeting somebody new, or even a date.

With out eye contact, communication would be very different.

Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions is very important, because you can see peoples face expressions when you talk to them

You can tell if someone is mad, sad or other emotions through face expressions.

I think with out facial expressions, communication would be very different.

You see facial expressions mostly anywhere you go, like watching a movie, having a conversation with friends and etc.