Betsy Ross

Biography by: Alyza Yanez


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Early childhood

  • real name: Elizabeth Griscom
  • born: Jan 1,1752
  • Born in: Philadelphia
  • Grew up with: 11 sisters and 4 brothers

Research Questions

She had a positive effect on society

Betsy had an effect on the world by making a new flag

I would use brave and lucky

Betsy got lucky by the president coming to her house

I chose this person because she is very interesting to me

Betsy is interesting to me because she made our nations flag

Something new i learned was she ran away from home to be with the one she loved

When Betsy Ross got older

Betsy ran away from home to mary John Ross.They opened a shop where Betsy sewed. George Washington visited Betsy one day and says he wanted her to design and sew a flag for the new nation. Later Betsy's husband died in 1775 and she remarried. Her second husband was killed in prison. Betsy Ross remarries again and has 5 children and all of them were girls. The girls helped design and sew the flag with Betsy. Betsy Ross died January 30,1836.

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