DC Reach

What is DC Reach?

DC Reach a new globalization initiative beginning in the new spring term! It will allow Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls to get an in depth look at BBYO and our partnerships around the world. Our hope is that you will make tons of new friends, gain insight about how Jews around the world live/participate in BBYO or one of our partner organizations and raise funds for ISF at the same time.

Goals for the Chapters

  • Chapters should plan at least 2 globalization related programs in the term (non-fundraiser). One should be with a chapter in another country. Other programs are up to the discretion of the chapter.
  • Chapters reach chapter goal for ISF, preferably more using innovative means of fundraising.
  • Initiate the Mazkirim as heads of globalization in the chapter, partnering with the S’ganim and Gizborim.
  • Programs must be sent to Council S’gan and Council Mazkir.

Overall Goals for DC Reach

·Will operate on three core principles: interact, contribute, engage (ICE):

-Interact: Create more opportunities for connections, develop stronger global relationships, allow teens to develop a two-way cultural exchange.

-Contribute: Redefine fundraising for globalization, create more resources for fundraising, strive to drastically increase ISF pledges to reflect our growing movement.

-Engage: Develop aspects of a strong globalization program to lead to an official bank of globalization programs, implement leadership training for teens on both ends of the exchange, integrate globalization more strongly into BBYO.

  • Will incorporate specific goals into chapters:

A chapter pledge for globalization that sets three goals corresponding to the principles outlined in ICE: a fundraising goal for ISF, a programming goal to truly bring globalization back to the home communities, and an education/advocacy/connection goal to link teens from base chapters to those across the world.