January 2016 Newsletter

Our February 3, 2016 ELD and ALD Zone Meeting at the PDC

Please bring your copy of the 50 ELL Strategies Book. We will continue our work in it!

Have an electronic copy available of an assessment you use/created/ want to use for ELD or ALD skills assessment to upload into Illuminate and share with colleagues.

Click here for the results for the ELD/ALD PD Needs Survey, from which our Meeting is planned.

Many of the respondents accessed the form anonymously (no Sweetwater log-in) so I am not able to preplace individuals in mini-sessions as I had hoped, matching teachers to the training they requested and emailing them personally about their requests.

So, we will offer the following three sessions to rotate among:

  • Session A: Using Illuminate for locating data, uploading, and locating ELD and ALD assessments (you must provide an assessment of your own--electronic file or access)
  • Session B: Supplementing Milestones to address all ELD domains
  • Session C: Canvas ELD/ALD Portfolio combined with Googledrive option

Click here for the survey form that was sent out

Pseudo: 117576

Featured Speaker: Our Director of Language Acquisition and State and Federal Programs

Dr. LuzElena Perez will begin our ELD/ALD Zone promptly at 8:00 AM in the PDC on L Street.

Please plan to be ready to participate with your electronic devices fired up and logged into Canvas and Googledrive. Click Agenda here.

EL Programs Teachers on Special Assignment: Office Changes

Office of Language Acquisition and State and Federal Programs

Effective February 1, 2016, EL Programs Advocates and Curriculum and Instruction Resource Specialists Lisa Burgess and Rebecca Robinson are located at the 466 Moss Street Office of Language Acquisition alongside the director, Dr. LuzElena Perez.