Kindergarten News

Week of October 12-16

Check Out the Kindergarten Fun!

Monday-It's Columbus Day! We watched a Brain Pop Jr. about Christopher Columbus. Students utilized the Keva Planks to build the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Check out the pictures below. We are also learning about the color pink this week. The pink song is a long song. We are been talking about things that can be pink. Please continue to send in the color projects. We have only two more colors.

Tuesday-Our fifth grade book buddies visited our classroom to read with us. We really enjoy this community building fun! It is fun to see our book buddies in the hallway throughout the week. Mrs. Joyner also visited our classroom for her weekly guidance lesson. The pillar of character that was discussed was caring. Students wrote and drew about ways they can be caring to their friends. A class book was created so we can read about these ways in our classroom. During literacy, we created a book all about Fall. Students had to recognize the color words and read the story.

Wednesday-Pumpkin Day! Students listened to a story about pumpkins, created a chart of things we know about pumpkins, and even participated in their first STEM project of the year. Feel free to ask our child how a pumpkin grows!

Thursday-In math, we began our SNAP assessment. This assessment consists of counting forward and backward and sequencing numbers. The results will be shared at conferences. We also finished our math counting books as well as completed a fun leaf graph.

Friday-What a busy Friday! It was picture day and we have vet techs from Crozet Wellness Center visit to share about their jobs and the tools they use. The vet techs even brought a border collie/Australian mix dog to share with the students. We also had time to read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about pumpkins. Feel free to check out the online resources.

Upcoming Events

October 23-Harvest Festival-Please sign up below.

October 26, 27, & 30-Parent-Teacher Conferences. See you there! If you need a reminder on your date and time, please let me know. Thanks!

October 30, November 2 & 3-No School For Students