Types Of Forces

Zoe Collis

Push/Pull/Grip Force

These are contact forces that require the agent to be in contact with the receiver.

Gravity Force

Attractive force between two objects that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them.
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Friction Force

Forces that opposes the motion between two touching surfaces. Works against motion.
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Electrical Force

Two like charges repel. Two opposite charges attract.
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Air Resistance

Force that opposed the motion of objects that move through the air.
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Buoyancy Forces

For an object to float, the upward buoyant force must be equal to the downward gravity force.
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Air/Water Pressure

Force that opposes the motion of objects that move through the air.
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Force that is transmitted through a string, rope, cable or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends.
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Normal Forces

The force perpendicular to an object's surface that results in support.
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Contact Forces

Those that require the agent that causes the force to be in direct contact with the object.
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Non-contact Forces

Those that act at a distance examples, gravity and magnetism.
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