Oops, I Said it Again...


"Host a pop-up!" she says. But, why? Why? Because, it's the bread and buttah of your business. It's the revolving door to your BIG success! It's the easiest way to commissions, pay for that summer vacation, pay off that credit card bill, buy something for YOU, build your network, gain jewelry credits, and so much more.

So, your mission? Find THE PERFECT 10 hosts!
- Write down 10 names of potential hosts who would be perfect. What about those that booked 6 months ago? Or, better yet, those that hosted in April last year? If it worked then, why wouldn't it work now? Remind her how amazing her last pop up was and ask if she'd like to renew her hostess benefits!
- Reach out! Never assume 'no' until you ASK. There are so many reasons to pop-up in April: Mother's Day is coming up in May, graduation gifts, National Teacher Day is May 3rd. I also love 'Birthstone Bash', 'Mother-Daughter Date', 'May Flowers', and 'Charm Bar'.
- Snap a pic of your list when you've completed it and post it on the on the national community Facebook page with ‪#‎theperfect10‬ and #teamfusion.

-Don't forget to use your dashboard tools. This month, we should be focusing on working smarter, not harder. So, check out that daily-to-do guide. It has action items tied to our national focus. There is also conventional links to related + useful content. And my favorite dashboard tool - the daily to-do list! It follows the monthly planning calendar. Plus, there are clear calls-to-action that guide you all the way.
-And, last but not least, don't forget you can go to your 'Contact's and sort whether or not they are interested in hosting. I am surprised who I find is interested every month I check it out!

If you have any questions....or need clarification, please reach out!
You can book a chat with me here: http://taliezaifert.youcanbook.me or email me at taliezaifert74@gmail.com.

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