Inside A Computer

Build Your Own Motherboard!


CPU - The CPU is the abbreviation of the central processing unit where most calculations take place

CPU (Cooler)

CPU Fan - The CPU fan's job is to cool down the processor when it gets heated.


RAM - The RAM is the abbreviation of the Random Access Memories where you can access some random files for a small amount of time.


Northbridge - The chip/chips that connects the CPU to the memory


Southbridge - The Southbridge chip/chips controls the USB and audio functions in the computer

VGA Port

VGA port - VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is the graphics display system for computers

DVI Port

DVI port - The DVI port converts analog signals into digital signals


USB - USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and is used to move files from one device to another.

NIC Port

NIC - A hardware component that connects the computer to the computer network

Audio Jacks

Audio Jacks - The Audio Jacks connect digital audio into computers

AGP Slot

AGP Slot - AGP short for Acceleration Graphics Port is especially designed for the demands of 3D graphics

PCI Slot

PCI Slot - A PCI Slot connects your computer to an internet modem straight with a cable

PCI-E Slot

PCI-E Slot - PCI-E stands for PCI Express and is a more advanced and faster version of PCI

CMOS Battery

CMOS Battery - The CMOS Battery is a widely used semiconductor of electricity

Sata port

SATA Port - The SATA Port is a new version of PATA Physical Storage Interface

Ide connector

IDE Connector - The IDE Connector connects your computer to the disk or CD-ROM Drive