by Jacob Harris

What the Heck is Personification?

Personification is a figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human

feelings, thoughts, or attitudes.

Well How's That Different From Anthropomorphism?

  • Some sources claim they're the same thing
  • HOWEVER there is a difference
  • Anthropomorphism is less abstract and usually deals with animate objects
  • Personification deals with more abstract human concepts
  • Ex-Mother Nature vs Yogi Bear
  • More appropriate to say anthrop. is a type of personification

Why Use It?

  • Forms a connection between the reader and object
  • Makes descriptions more vivid
  • Invokes emotional reactions of used correctly


  • The leaves danced gracefully on the wind
  • The cold morning air nipped playfully at my cheeks.
  • The old, abandoned sweater sulked gloomily on its spot on the coat rack.
  • The trees greater us as they lazily waved back and forth in the wind

Audience Participation Time!

One person from each table should choose an object either at their table or in someone's backpack, then describe it using personification. Have fun!


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