Nate Walker

Culture: What are some foods they eat?

One food that Colombians eat is called Sancocho. This is a thick stew with fish, meat, and vegetables. Another food is a food they eat for dessert. This food is called Arequipe. It's a homemade caramel.

Geography: What is a major land form and what is the climate?

A major land form of Colombia is The Cordilleras. They are part of the Andes mountains. In low areas temperatures are in the 80s. But in Bogota the temperature is in the 50s.

Resources/Economy:What are some resources and how do they effect the economy?

Many people grow coffee, bananas, sugarcane, and flowers. Colombians earn money by selling drugs also ( which is not so good). But many people don't earn enough money to support them and their families.

History:Who did Colombians serve in the military?

Colombians served in the Union during the Civil War. During the Revolutionary War some Colombians served in the Continental Army. Students of Colombian University defended their nation in war.