Dinner with Lady Sophs

A Fun-Filled Night of Food and Fellowship

Get Ready!

We're so excited to eat with you!

Please let us know when you're free so we can plan a fun-filled night of food and fellowship. (We will also take suggestions for the theme!)

Please fill out the WhenIsGood form and PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FORM. The dates are just placeholders. We just want to know what semester and what day and time of the week you're free!

Also, we weren't sure who was in this service auction, so please let Heekyung (hhh57) know if you're in or not by emailing her or joining the soon-to-be-created Facebook event! And if we missed anyone, let her know!

Tentative Date for Dinner

Sunday, Dec. 7th, 5pm

Sheldon Basement

We will update the event as we figure out when is good.