Day of Infamy!!

Abigail Sepeda

DECMBER 8th, 1941

Attack on Pearl Harbor! 😡

Just a few months ago we were negotiating peace with Japan. But all that has changed, yesterday, December 7th, 1941, Japan sent 6 aircraft carriers and 20 other warships towards our beloved Pearl Harbor. As you know, Pearl Harbor is where we keep our U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Ships destroyed, aircrafts destroyed, and casualties

In less than 2 hours, of what was supposed to be a beautiful and relaxing Sunday morning, at 7am, 200 American warplanes were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. out of our 9 battleships 8 of them were damaged or destroyed, and 18 warships were also destroyed.

Total American deaths add up to about 2400 not including 1200 wounded.

Why would they do this, after we were just negotiating peace? Why now?

Sources say that the Japs attacked because they had a secret alliance with Germany. Sources also say that they attacked on Sunday morning because they knew the habits of our military. they knew that everyone would be at church and/or resting from the previous day and/or preparing for the next day.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's reaction to this disaster.

President Franklin gives a speech about this act of treason and doing so he Declares war on Japan.