Frederick Douglass

Early life and education

How did Douglass contribute to the fight and the end of slavery.

Early life

Reading the Columbian orator he began to painfully hate his master and instantly had thoughts of escaping. He began to read any thing that could help to learn what he knew he wasn't supposed to. His master did not appreciate his wife secretly teaching a slave the alphabet and simple words. While incarcerated he was a field hand who experience some of the worst years of slavery.

As he was teaching himself he often feared his slave master finding him and whipping him,

He still learned the whole alphabet and learned some simple words. He joined various organizations including a black church to better educate himself.

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Abolitionist life


When Douglass escaped he wanted to promote freedom to all slaves in captivity. He continued to want to abolish slavery in all its forms and aspects of slavery. In 1841 He joined the Anti Slavery society. He traveled and delivered speeches, passed out pamphlets and encouraged to subscribe to 'The liberator". In fear of being put back in slavery he fled to the UK. He was a solid backer of the Underground railroad. At one point he had 10 runaways living in his house for shelter.

Woman Rights

Douglass fully supported the women's rights movement.In 1866 Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony founded an association for universal suffrage of women. He was one of the few men in attendance at the Seneca falls convention. He publicly disagreed with with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who called for woman's suffrage simoltaniously with voting rights for black men.

Former slave

His second master was a known drink and cruel to slaves. Who kicked his brother in the head till he bled. While reading "The Colmbian Orator" he began to painfully hate his master and instantly has thoughts of escaping. Douglass was a field hand who experienced some of the worst years of slavery. He read anything he could to learn what he wasn't supposed to.

Sided with the North

Garrison thought the constitution was to pro slavery and he wanted a new document. Douglass agreed with the Free soil party that slavery was unconstitutional and congress had the power to end it. In 1854 Douglass and the free soil party formed an alliance with the whigs and the republican party was born. He published The North Star to persuade the public that slavery was wrong. He disagreed that Garrison condemned violence and force and Douglass didn't believe in this.
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Interesting Facts

1. Frederick Douglass was born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey/

2. He chose his name Frederick Douglass from a book by Sir Walters Scott The lady of the lake.

3. He has published several Autobiography. One named The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass an American slave.

4. He was one of the few men in attendance at the Seneca Falls Convention.

5. When Abraham Lincoln died Mrs. Lincoln sent Douglass the late presidents walking stick.

6. Douglass was nominated for Vice President of the United States as a member of the equal rights party in 1872.