News You Can Use for November

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Bob Newhart-Stop It


The video is for humor purposes only. We do not actually handle our students this way.

Short and Sweet Counselor Activity Notes...

October 5 – OTC Career Exploration Day for 10th Grade Students at OTC –Must have

registered by September 30th

October 6 – District College and Career Fair – Ramada Oasis Convention Center –


October 14 – PSAT for 10th and 11th grade students (Upper Gym) Students must arrive by 7:30

October 13 – Teachers distribute MSU Dual Credit paperwork for courses starting 2nd


October 19 – MSU Dual Credit paperwork due to the Counseling Center

October 21 – Big Picture/Senior Cap/Gown and Announcement Information Presentation

(Main Gym) during Chief Time

October 26 – Senior Cap/Gown and Announcement Order Day during lunches (Student


Tips for Utilizing your A+ Tutor

Our A+ tutors need your help earning their 50 required tutoring hours. Review the following list on how you can incorporate them into your class time!

A+ Tutors can…

  • Demonstrate material (small or large group)

  • Assist in cooperative learning activities

  • Read aloud or assist with directions

  • Collect assignments and take notes for the students that were absent

    • Explain all missed work when they return to class

  • Aid students with individual or small group work

  • Monitor student progress and check for understanding while students are working independently

    • Give the answer key to the tutor and they can spot check certain problems

  • Provide instruction for students who have missed class instruction or need additional assistance

    • Can be done in the hallway

  • Review with students for upcoming tests or quizzes

    • Tutors can facilitate a small or large group review

    • Tutors can create review materials for you and/or students

  • Work with an individual or small group of students to keep them focused on their tasks

  • Play educational games

  • Go over missed homework/test problems with students to verify understanding

    • Very useful in one on one situations

  • Be placed next to a non-focused learner and let the tutor keep him or her on task

    Do you have any tried and true techniques that are not listed? I would love for you to share them! Email me at

Kickapoo Korner Pantry News

Kickapoo Korner Pantry will be providing Thanksgiving Food Baskets to families in need. Please let your counselor know if you would like a food basket. The pantry is fully stocked with food and hygiene items. If you would like to visit the pantry please see your counselor or school nurse. Anyone needing supplemental food is welcome to use the pantry.