What is Learning, to Me?

By: Iyanuoluwa Akinrinola

What does learning mean to me? From a developmental context.

Learning = Understanding

To me learning is a way by which understanding, appreciation, knowledge, and self is built. Learning is a way by which we grow, not only academically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Learning helps us to understand the world in which we live, and the world around us better; and teaches us how to actively, effectively, and positively interact with ourself, others, and the world at large

Learning = Exploration/Inquiry

No two people are the same though they may be similar. Learning affords us the opportunity to engage in, analyze, inquire, question, and explore various tasks, activities, and interests. We are able to then use this to build our knowledge of our world (constructivism), as well as learn from others to broaden our perspectives, and give us a more well-rounded outlook (social constructivism).
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Learning = Growth

Learning is continuous and inevitable. Whether it is learning to walk, talk, eat, run, jump, read, write, research, cook, drive, or swim; we are constantly and always learning. As we learn, we grow; and as we grow, we learn more. Growth not only as a physical attribute, but growth intellectually, growth emotionally, growth psychologically, and possibly even growth financially. In order to grow, we must learn.
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Learning is what has gotten the world to where it is today, and what will keep the world developing for tomorrow

What is learning to me?

Learning to me, is what enables me to be a useful, effective, and active member of society; no matter what society I may find myself in.