Principal Update

September 9th, 2016

Kids Deserve It!

This segment of Kids Deserve It reminds us that YOUR KIDS NEED YOU! Often times when we return to school from summer we truly understand why we are in this business and that we truly work here for the KiDS!

Then "it" happens, time ticks away quicker than we had hoped, relationships with parents/staff/admin become "real" and we can become distracted from the fact that our students NEED US!

A few easy reminders to keep us on the path...

  • Your beliefs can make all the difference! How do you show your students you believe in them?

  • Kids want to know they matter to you! Your impact on the lives of our students is too large to quantify, let them know they matter and often!

  • Remember YOU ARE making and impact! So when the world becomes "real" don't slam the door or give up hope on any of our children. You may be the ONE person that reaches a child and impacts their life forever. So, keep opening those arms and doors wide each and every day.

Remember our kids deserve it!

Join me on Twitter via #KidsDeserveIT (Would love to see 100% participation) Only takes a minute.

1. Who is your most memorable teacher, the one that made a difference for you?

2. What are some ways you've built deeper relationships and connected with kids this year?

3. How has your life been impacted by children who are the hardest to love?

Post your thoughts the next two weeks!

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Recess Revised (beginning Monday September 12)

Thank you for your diligence in ensuring all students are safe at recess and spreading out to maximize supervision across all playground zones.


  • Discuss adjustments with team & students prior to going out to recess next week
  • Use cell phones as your clock and be on time.
  • Two adults for Recess 1 and one adult for Recess 2 per grade (This will work if ALL of us follow the procedure)
  • Every adult needs a whistle and use two long and loud blows to signal the end of recess (students are unable to differentiate between redirecting whistles and going in whistles)
  • Stand near Door 5 Bear Paws to signal the end of Recess 1
  • Stand near picnic table Bear Paws to signal the end of Recess 2
  • Bear Paws should be used to help students line up and should remain consistent no matter which adult is on duty
  • Every adult needs an Emergency Pouch with bandages, etc.


North - bench (no students should pass gates to portables

East - blacktop (no students should play near Recycling Bin or behind tree line)

South - pine trees at bottom of hill (no students should go up to top of hill)

West - second set soccer goals in grass and lamp post by sidewalk

Have you noticed all of the Profile Picture Frames?

It's important for us to know and show the professionals servicing our students.

Thank you for completing your profile page! We have almost 70 completed!

Still need to finish yours? Click here to access your profile page.

Duplicate Slide #1 if your picture has not been taken.

Still need a picture? Add your name here so Fatima can capture your stunning face!

Let's commit to 100% profiles in hallways next week!

RTI Update

  • Last year's Tier 3 students will begin instruction Monday, September 12. Teachers have been notified if they have a Tier 3 student at this time.
  • Data Reviews with NWEA are going well and any students that require additional data should be collected and inputed by Monday, September 19. Input document will be shared next week by Fatima via One Drive.
  • September 21/22 will be used to cover classrooms to allow teachers to analyze new data and determine Tier 2 needs. Schedule coming soon!

Math Assessment: Moby Placement Test

Reading Assessment: Fountas and Pinnell Guidance Document

PBIS: Discuss with team and document patterns of behavior and strategies implemented.

  • Ponder - how can collaboration among teammates help to meet the needs of our highest achieving students and average students?

Digital Resources

Hover your mouse over where it says Digital Resources: Professional Learning to see a menu that lists each Digital Resource.

Each Digital Resource has a web page with access information and video tutorials.

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Evaluation 2016-2017 - A plan for certified staff only

This year we will have the same evaluation expectations via the contract agreement.

  • One "Long" Evaluation
  • The week of the evaluation will be known, the time/content will be determined with your evaluator.
  • "Short" Evaluations will also occur, most likely no more than two per year. This is not a district expectation, but a personal expectation for Fatima and DK. These will be unannounced.

I will be sending you a OneDrive link that will allow you to access the two important forms for the evaluation year.

  • Beginning of the year goal and NWEA percentile indicators for growth portion of the rubric. DUE PRIOR TO YOUR BEGINNING OF YEAR EVAL MEETING.
  • End of year collection of professional standard 3 (leadership). DUE PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE FOR SUMMER BREAK.
  • A schedule for observation assignment (Kaminski or Rich) Remember that TDS Thompson is NOT an evaluator and does not play any role in evaluation.

The first two evaluation items above MUST BE SUBMITTED INTO SFS as an artifact by their due dates. LESSON PLANS for your long evaluation must also be uploaded into SFS prior to the Monday of your long evaluation week. (Need clarity, ask during your eval conference).

Evaluation conferences will begin as soon as you see the roster and you arrange a meeting with your evaluator. ALL TEACHERS MUST SCHEDULE THE EVALUATION CONF BY 9/22/16.

At your evaluation conference you will also review the past year's data and scores in SFS that will be finalized with the completion and release of ISTEP data.

Artifacts: Teachers may upload as many artifacts they so choose that pertain to evidence in support of the professional standards. They will all be reviewed and considered prior to final evaluation scores.

Tech Night - K-2 Parents

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 6pm

12451 Brooks School Road

Fishers, IN

Join Jeff Harrison, Director of Technology, in the cafe...he will need teacher support. He will share tech advice, tidbits, and assistance.