Ultraviolet Waves

By: Katelyn Ellis

What is ultraviolet?

ultraviolet radiation is the range of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than violet on the visible spectrum, there by having shorter wavelengths and more energy than violet wavelengths.

*Because of the high energy of ultraviolet radiation, too much exposure is damaging to the eyes and skin.

Wave length range

1 x 10-8 - 4 x 10-7

frequency range

7.5 x 1014 - 3 x 1016

4 uses of ultraviolet:

  1. Sun burn
  2. curing
  3. skin cancer (tanning bed)
  4. vitamin D
EMS - Ultraviolet Radiation

2 Facts

1. Only bee's can see ULtraviolet the uv radiation is reflected off of the flower petals.

2. Ultraviolet can hurt your skin or even worse it can damage your waves