Scott Hudson

By: Jackson RIder


"Scott Hudson's High School Survival tips"

  • This symbol represents scotts school survival guide.
  • scott also has tips that he gives located in the survival guide.


"Welcome to Honors English..."

  • This symbol represents scotts knowledge
  • Scott is a hard worker and should be categorized as brilliant.


"Im so tired. I stayed up till one doing homework."

  • Scott is determined to finish the survival guide.
  • Scott is also determined to get julia.


"Scott, you should join the school newspaper!"

  • Scott is involved in the school paper of course
  • Scott also shows up to the Dance


"Welcome to Highschool"

  • Scott is obviously educated going to highschool.
  • Scott is in honors classes


In the future Scott is probably going to become a newpaper writer due to his creativeness and experience from highschool. Scott is a very smart kid so this job will fit him.

Scott is also Extremely creative so it will fit him perfectly.

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Scott's symbol

This symbol describes Scott because he is a great student and very focused on his work. The plus shows that he is not entirely sure where he fits in, everyone fits in somewhere (The A) but he is in the plus for most of the book and does not know where he fits in untill he finds Wesly and Lee in which case he is still the plus because they are their own group and are looked at as "weird" "scary" and "nerd"

Scott's dreams

Scott will most likely aspire to become an author or journalist because he enjoys English. He also enjoys being in the school newspaper which leads the reader to believe that he might become an author. " If you choose a job you love you will never work a day in your life" -Confucius This quote I found represents Scott perfectly in that if he became a writer he would "never work a day in his life."