Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

November 14th, 2014

Important Dates

Culver's Night Fundraiser for Conley

Monday, November 17th 4-8 pm

Tropical Smoothie

Thursday, November 20th

Social Studies Test

Thursday, November 20th

Unit 4 Math Test

Friday, November 21st

Spelling Test

Friday, November 21st

No School

Week of November 24th

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, November 24th and Tuesday, November 25th

Box Tops

I’m thankful for Box Tops!

Our 2nd quarter incentive…

Students can receive one PAW

for every completed Box Tops collection sheet returned!

***Remember: you may only attach SINGLE box tops (worth one) to your collection sheet. No bonus box tops, catalina register receipts, soup labels or Tyson points may be attached to the sheets. Those still need to be submitted in a baggie

***If you prefer to send in your Box Tops in baggies, students can receive one PAW for every baggie containing at least 10 box tops. J


This week in reading we've read to self. I have been reading The Lemonade War. Read to self is my favorite activity. We also listened to Mrs. Lanham read Night Of The Twisters. Mrs. Lanham is a good reader and Night Of The Twisters is a good book. Another thing that we did was we partnered up with someone and Mrs. Lanham would put up a question up on the smart board and we would have to read our story of the week Horse Heroes and find out the answer with your partner and write it down on a piece of paper and share it with the class but only if you got called on. For word work we practiced our spelling words on spelling city or in other ways. Also for word work we made a slideshow for our vocabulary words. We also reviewed our amazing words. For read to someone we either read a book on our tablets together or a book from the schools or the classrooms library. We did a kahoot a kahoot is when we go on our tablets and Mrs. Lanham puts a question up on the smart board and we touch the answer on our tablets and we took a reading test it was twenty questions long.

I loved reading this week! By Madeline Feller

Math By Peyton DeSimone

During math this week we are learning about decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, and turning fractions into decimals.We also did thousandths, hundredths, and tenths with decimals to.In math we are also drawing decimals into big cubes, flats, longs, and small cubes.My favorite part about math is drawing decimals into fractions,and drawing decimals.How many parents sit down with there child and help them understand math concepts?

Social Studies by Nate Brown

At my school Conley Elementary we do amazing stuff in social studies!So far we have been learning depositing money and saving money with bank interest.Friday we added and subtracted to get the right answer.We also read ant and grasshopper story to learn about money saving.So this week we learned money saving. I have to go read now bye!

Grammar and Writting By Mason Borst

Hi, I am Mason, and I am going to talk about what we are doing in Grammar and Writing. In grammar, we are learning about possessive words with 's at the end of words. We do worksheets and more for learning about it. In writing, we are doing research on animals that are almost extinct and animals that are extinct. We have to write it doing it with something called a eetchy with stuff called green group, blue do, what does it look like, what it is made of, pink parts, white where, and what else do i know. That is what we learned in grammar and writing.