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We hit 400 designers on our team!

Welcome Designers, New & Seasoned!

Hello Owl Be Dangled! I am so excited to send out our FIRST official Owl Be Dangled Newsletter! And we have lots to celebrate! Can you imagine that just a month ago we were a team of 300 and as of TODAY we have hit 400, and already 401! It has been a short journey for some and a few of us have already celebrated our 1 year anniversaries! I know amazing things are within our grasp with Origami Owl and I am so excited to share this journey with you!

First and foremost, let's celebrate our 400th designer: Cathrine Ledbetter, Mentor Sara Rowe (Team Kellie Holt!) Welcome, welcome!

Second, let's highlight some Owlsome accomplishments from August 2013:

Top Sales -

1) Lisa Gastinger

2) Kristy Mince

3) Kandice Escamilla

Top Teams (based on my 1st line designers) -

1) Amanda Greene's Team: $15,989.79 GV

2) Kellie Holt's Team: $15,309.46 GV

3) Michelle Aguilar's Team: $10,716.92 GV

And now that the wait list is OVER...we will start celebrating TOP Recruiting!! Look for this recognition in September!

We have made it through the slow retail summer and now we are ready for some BIG SALES and BIG BUSINESS with the Christmas season fast-approaching!

Set your goals high and achieve everything you set out to do! I am so proud of you!

Weekly Updates

Latest Weekly Updates in Backoffice

Weekly Update - Wednesday September 4

Coming back from a three-day weekend is hard, but you know what makes it easier? Exciting news from The Nest! And this week we definitely don’t disappoint. We have a super amazing announcement, too, so you’ll definitely want to read this the whole way through!

{The Wait List is Over}
Wait, what? Yup, it’s true! The wait list is over!! It’s been more than a year in the making, and tonight, every DIW will receive invitation links to become an official Origami Owl Designer. Woohoo! We’re having a major O2 dance party over here in celebration. Watch this brief video (the password is: oowaiting) from Robin and Chrissy to learn more.

Yes, this means you can now start sponsoring with no wait! Hoot Hoot!

{Calling all Pioneers}
It’s hard to miss (but just in case) we’re reminding you of our partnership with The Band Perry. We know you already have that bold pioneer spirit, because hey, you’re an Origami Owl Designer. Now, it’s time to go further, to push yourself to reach that next level, and we want you to encourage others to do the same! Watch this special message (password: oobandperry) from The Band Perry, catch our Tuesday webinar (password oocall) and read the flyers in the Back Office for more details about the promotion.

A few reminders about spreading the word!

  • Do: Share or retweet any approved promotional images or verbiage from The Band Perry and Big Machine Label group’s pages.
  • Not such a good idea to post about your own Origami Owl business on The Band Perry or Big Machine Label Group’s page or on the social media pages of The Band Perry or Big Machine Label Group.

Plus, radio stations across the country will have a few special promotions of their own! If you live in one of these markets, be sure to tune into your local station to catch the details!

  • KFRG/Riverside, CA
  • KKGO/Los Angeles, CA
  • WSSL/Greenville, SC
  • WXTU/Philadelphia, PA
  • WCKT/Ft. Myers, FL
  • WUBE/Cincinnati, OH
  • KUPL/Portland, OR
  • WMIL/Milwaukee, WI
  • WQMX/Akron, OH
  • WWYZ/Hartford, CT
  • KLLL/Lubbock, TX
  • KGNC/Amarillo, TX
  • KEAN/Abilene, TX
  • KBEQ/Kansas City, MO
  • KNIX/Phoenix, AZ
  • KMPS/Seattle, WA
  • Moby In The Morning (syndicated)
  • KRRV/Alexandria, LA
  • KRWQ/Medford, OR
  • KRKT/Albany OR
  • KSUX/Sioux City, IA
  • WGSQ/Cookeville, TN
  • KDXY/Jonesboro, AR
  • WRSF/Nags Head, NC
  • WTCM/Traverse City, MI
  • WUPY/Ontonagon, MI
  • WXFL/Florence, AL

{Get Cabo-Ready!}
If you haven’t taken a trip over to our special Cabo website, then you need to. Right now. You’ll find tips on how to increase Jewelry Bar® bookings as well as info on getting ready for the big trip (like how to get your passport). Plus, we’ve thrown in a few fun tidbits about the resort, Cabo and everything we have in store for our first-ever trip! Head on over to http://o2incentives.com/ to check it out!

{Shipping Schedule Sneak Peek}
We’re giving you a peek at our new shipping schedule, which will debut as soon as our new Back Office is unveiled. The simplified pricing matrix offers lower charges for higher value orders and provides the most reliable and consistent delivery service at the lowest possible cost. You and your customers will love it!

Here are a few reminders, in case you missed them!

{Closing Jewelry Bars}

Our IT superheroes are at it again! They have been working diligently to resolve the glitch that prevented some of you from closing your Jewelry Bars because of issues encountered when entering Hostess Rewards. We’re happy to report that, if you still have open Jewelry Bars, you can now close them, glitch-free! We will be monitoring the orders that close between now and September 5. If you would like PV from any of those orders (opened by August 30) credited to the month of August, simply call Designer Care or send a message using the Contact Form; select “Technical Issue” and provide the order number(s).

{Mini Mania Packaging}

Our Mini Mania promotion was an incredible success, and we can’t wait to see all the creative ways you put them to use! As our Mini Mania Lockets are currently being packaged and on their way to you, we want to let you know about the packaging these special items will come in. Each Locket will arrive in our Locket boxes and placed in a padded envelope or box, depending on the number of items shipping. Cookies and Take Out Boxes will not be included in these orders. With a deal this incredible, we knew that you would understand the lack of the extra Origami Owl packaging. If you have your own supply of cookies, you still may want to use them to present the Mini Mania lockets to your customers in the Origami Owl way. If not, there are tons of cute and fun ideas you can use to present them.

Need a few ideas? Use some tissue paper in the O2 signature colors and wrap up these creations to resemble candy-coated bling. Or, If you want to use them as a Booking incentive gift, why not place a few in a bowl for Jewelry Bar guests to pick from! You could even attach a September date to each one and they can 'pick their' Jewelry Bar date as they pick their 'candy'!

We know everyone will have lots of great ideas, so let your creativity shine!


The Nest