Boran and Samarium

A study about Boran and Samarium. Conducted by Professor Roy

What is Boran and what is it used for.

Boran is an extreamly hard meteloid and it has properties of metels and non-metels.

  • It is required for plant growth.
  • It is used to make steel harder and stronger.
  • Special ones have properties to be used in nuclear reactors.

What is Samarium and what is it used for

Here is a short video about samarium.

Samarium is an earth metel that is a silver metel, that melting point above 1170 degres Celcius. Fun fact: Boron was the first element to be named after someone.

Here is some uses,

  1. It's used in the motion picture industry[carbon lights].
  2. It is also used to stimulate the metabolism.
  3. Samarium and cobat is used for magnets for computar memories.
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The photos above are pictures of Boran and Samarium

Pros and Cons without Boron and Samarium

  1. No sufficent nuclear Power Plant fuel. Its a pro and a con. A pro because Nuclear Power Plants produce radioactive waste. A con because there would be more green house gases in the atmosphere and the worlds electric power supply would have to fill the extra 13 percent.[No Boron]
  2. Lets say your metabolism not working and you have a seizure. Well to kick your metabolism back into action you need a dose of Samarium. So no Samarium means keeping that seizure.
  3. Did you know that Cobalt and Samarium are used in Computer magnets? Without Samarium it would be harder to make a computer because than you would need a bigger magnet without that much power.
  4. Are you a garden person? Well you should probably know that Boron is essential for plants. So no Boron no plants.
  5. Boron is used to make steel harder and stronger so if you are a beserker a world without Boron is like popcorn without flavor, cake without vanilla extract or even worse a boy without Hersheys
  6. Without samarium there would probably be no such thing as movies

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