Paris the city of lights

by madalyn Harrold


I choose Paris as my dream vacation. It is located in Europe. I want to visit Paris because i think it is such a beautiful place it is known as the city of lights. The thing that makes paris so great is that i has beautiful monuments and great sites like the eiffle tower shown in the picuture to your right and many other things like the love wall also in the photos down below also the Arc de Triomphe.

10 instering facts

  1. Worlds capital of shopping and fashion
  2. Most visited city in the world
  3. Known as the city of lights
  4. TheEiffle was known as the worlds tallest building in the world tell 1930
  5. The Eiffle tower is over 1,000 feet tall (1,062.99 feet)
  6. It takes 60 tons of paint to paint the Eiffle tower every 7 years
  7. The same disighner of the Eiffle tower disigned the Statue of liberty
  8. English is rarley spoken
  9. The name paris comes from the word parisii
  10. The population is about 2,265,246 people


it will take about 18 hours to get there round trip. It is 5,021 miles away fromwhere i would be flying out of. I will take my bestfriend missy with me. i am taking he because she is my best friend and it is our dream to go to paris together. I will be staying there for 11 nights and 12 days.


We wil be staying at a 3 star hotel near the Eiffle tower. It is $291 dollers a night. My hotel has breakfast avable for all guests. Free wifi and is close to all the destitions i want to see. I will need to pack 12 pairs of clothes. Extrea items just in case. In total the hotel room will cost around 2,800 dollers.


My trip will cost about $4.775 doller hotel costs about $291 a night. We will get breakfast free so all we will have to pay fore food wise is lunch and dinner. We wont have to pay for extra airfair and gas because we are in walking distance of everything. Souvenirs are going to be expensive but we have already fit that in the total.


We will going to see the arch de triomph the Eiffle tower and love lock bridge as shown in the pictures below. I want to go ther because my great grandmother hid below the the arch de triomphe during the french war.