fitness instructer

by matt mullan

our trainers will give you the best work out you have ever had


When we first take you on we will ask what you want to acheive at the end of the course and then we will plan the equipment used around that. say you wanted to increase your cardiovascular we would put you on cross trainers, treadmill, bikes and other peices of equipment like that whereas if you wanted to just get stronger we would put you on different types of weights like bench press, kettle bell and other peices of equipment and every week we will either increase the time or weight. It is important for our customers to know how to use the equipment so that they do not injure them selves so we keep a good reputation.


safety in our gym is vital that is why every morning we mop and dry the floors incase of any sharp materials on the floor. we also never push our clients further than they wish to go this is so they dont get injured working too hard. we will teach you how to use every peice of equipment that you will need to use in your course.

Client health check

Before we take on any clients we firtst check about their health in the past this is because if you have had anything serious happen to you then we need to know so we know not to push you as far as our healthy clients .If you have suffered a heart attack we would need to know so we dont push you so far and we can start plannning once we know this.