K5C Friday Features

Weekly Newsletter January 29


We are still working to reach 100% class participation! In order for the children to receive their third sticker for their button and receive a prize, the red slip for this week of reading for 25 minutes must be filled out and signed and returned to the office on Monday, February 1 by 3:30. Of course, you are welcome to include it in the returned Friday folder. I will be looking for those red slips! Reading less than 25 minutes will not count toward the contest and slips returned after 3:30 on Monday are not eligible.

Bible News

As we studied God’s divine protection of Daniel in the lion’s den and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, we saw once again God’s great power. As Psalm 23:4 states, “…I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” What an awesome God!

Memory Verse: Psalm 23 will be due February 8. We are reviewing daily.

Character Trait: Responsible: Doing what I know I ought to do

Language Arts News

Our unit theme this week was rivers and lakes. We did an experiment to learn about the water cycle and see why it rains. We enjoyed singing about the water cycle. We have "precipitation on my mind."

For Homework Review:

We continued with blends both at the beginning of words. It is vitally important to continue reviewing at home so that children get the extra practice in this next step in reading. Focusing on the word family strips will be make a big difference! Have you flipped through the service word stack recently? We need a little extra review. I have taken some extra time in class, but some of the students need extra focus to nail down those words. Using those 10 minutes of "homework time" on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be beneficial. Next week we will begin another new and exciting phonics skill: consonant digraphs.


pl (plan)

sl (slap)

fl (flag)

tr (trip)

Reader: Cowboy Jim and Clip (in Friday folder)

Service Word: where (in folder)

New Phonics Stories: The Trip and The Ducks (in Friday folder)

Math News

We are working on recognizing the place value of tens and ones in numbers 60-99. This week we finished up to 99.

Monday will be the 100th Day of School! Please remember to send in 100 items divided up properly.

Share Day

Friday, February 5: Type of seashell

Valentine's Day celebration

Valentine’s Day -- Friday, February 12

If you wish to send Valentine cards for your child’s classmates, please observe the following guidelines.

  1. Please send a card for every child in our class.
  2. Please write each child’s name and number on the envelope. (It would help me tremendously if you could rubber band them together in numerical order).


Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.