Journeys For Freedom

Freedom For Rights

Lynda Blackmon

Lynda Blackmon joined Martin Luther King Junior's march as soon as she heard him speak about freedom and the right to vote in America when she was only thirteen. Over 3,000 people were marching from Selma to Montgomery 50 miles away. They were both blacks and whites that wanted equal rights for any color. On what became known as "Bloody Sunday" some of the sheriffs men attacked the marchers with whips and Lynda had 18 stitches to prove it. Even after that the marchers continued onward and soldiers were then ordered to protect the marchers though Lynda was still scared of them because they looked a lot like the soldiers that hurt them on "Bloody Sunday".

Recent Problems

Recently people in the U.S. have stereotyped Muslims thinking that they are all terrorist while most Islamic people are actually pretty nice and only some are really that crazy. There is a story about a Muslim women that was recently discriminated by a flight attendant when asked for soda. TheFlight attendant refused saying that it can be used as a weapon. The attendant then gave the passenger next to Ahmad a can of soda and then when Ahmad confronted her the attendant said that it was because she would use it as a weapon. Then Ahmad asked the other passengers if they had witnessed the act of discrimination and then another passenger muttered "you Muslim shut up" and then he said you know you would use it as a weapon. At that point Ahmad was in tears.