Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan

By:Caleb Hiegel


  • Tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.
  • Ecotourism is important by minimizing industrial impact on the environment
  • Building environmental and cultural awareness
  • Empowering local communities
  • Raising awareness of the political, environmental, and social issues of the country concerned
  • Ensuring that the experience is positive for all parties, including visitors and hosts.

Chichen Itza

The ancient Maya ruins of Chichén Itza are located on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula about 50 miles inland south of the Caribbean coastline. It represent the remains of one of the largest and most powerful city states of the pre-Columbian Americas. The Mayans built Chichen Itza about 600Ad and it lasted to about 1221.
Yes there are existing ecotourism for Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan.