Neils Bohr

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The Bohr Bio

Neils Bohr was a Danish scientist in the early 1900's. His parents were both highly regarded physicists and Bohr's dad pushed him into the field of physics. Bohr is important to the field of science because of his design of an atom, with later improvements, is still the model we use today.

Bohr won the nobel prize in 1922 for his work on atoms. I world war two, Bohr escaped to Sweden, England, and America to avoid Nazi persecution and later advised the United Nations on how politics and physics should be collaborated for peace.


Neils Bohr made the Bohr model. Which proves that the atom has a small positive charged nucleus. Electrons surround the nucleus and they travel around in a circular orbit. the electrons are charged with a electrostatic force


Neils Bohr wanted to describe the electron. The Bohr models shows that the electrons in atoms are in orbits of differing energy around the nucleus.

It shows that an energy level an electron normally occupies is called ground state. But it can move to a higher energy, less stable level, or shell, by absorbing energy.