Oedipus Rex

A life of Despair and Shame

Hear his story

Oedipus became a King by saving his village. He "murdered" the vicious, bloodthristy Sphinx and he solved the riddle to cause the death of the Sphinx.

Hears such tragic news. The hero must accomplish another task

Oedipus hears about the death of King Laius. A herdsman concludes that it was a group of murderers. There was more news about the murderers. They were killed on the spot, but one was left. The hero swears he will find this killer.

Comes across a Blind Man who is dfficult to cope with.

Teriesias was interogated and stayed away from topic

Until he was pushed to the limit, giving him the answers

Teriesias had refused to tell him who was apart of the murder. He claimed that Oedipus was the murderer in a fit of rage, but finds out that there is a prophecy involving him. Creon finds out that he was accused of this murder because Oedipus believed he was apart of it. Creon thought why would I try to take your crown away, I'm happy.

Jocasta, his mother/Lover reveils the Prophecy, which involves him and his deeds.

He finds out he will become blind, his father will die, and he found that he killed Laius. He gouged his eyes out with a brooch. His father died of old age. Jocasta was explaining the murder and it was matching with his description to the voyage to the Sphinx. His life was terrible because he just didn't know what was ahead of him.