Civil Rights Movement

Equality. Is it what we have?

The Civil Rights Movement did a lot to make this country equal, but I think it is now going too far to where blacks are rioting in the streets when a criminal is killed just because he is black. I think the Civil Rights was good they needed to be treated as equals, but as equals they will be treated. That means if you break the law you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you resist you will be brought down with force. If you attack an officer you will be shot. I think people need to relook at the Civil Rights Movement and understand that they are being treated equally. And they need to realize rioting won't solve anything. rioting will just cause those who do discriminate to be able to do so with more legitimate reasons.

Peace. The road to change.

During the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr and others kept pushing for peaceful protesting. They new violence wouldn't solve anything. One thing they did were organized sit ins. That's when a group of protesters go and sit in a restaurant or diner that was for whites only and sat there and refused to move until they were served. Even if they were hit, spat on, or arrested they stayed and never fought back.

Another thing they did were marches. Protesters would carry picket signs and sing songs for freedom. They would march through insults and even bottles being thrown at them by bystanders. They wouldn't fight back. They would march through tear gas and water cannons being fired on them. They still refused to retaliate. They would be arrested and still not fight back.

Another thing they did to change segregation on buses was to sit and ride the buses and fill up the bus so that other passengers couldn't get on.

The Movement's Groups.

One of the many groups involved in the Civil Rights Movement were the Freedom Riders. They were activists who rode interstate buses into the South to protest the segregation of public buses.

A nation wide group of black people who were armed and went around neighborhoods challenging police brutality and any other act of violence against colored people.

Both of these groups helped the Civil Rights Movement in many ways. Freedom Riders got the desegregation of public transportation and the Black Panthers were able to make the streets feel safer for all colored people.