You have to act to gain

Helena`s Playlist

Theme: Whining and crying will not solve my problems. Darn.

During the entire book, Helena goes through different problems where her solution is to whine and complain to other people. She never really learns how to solve her issues. Hopefully at some point after the book ends, she realizes that she has to act and compromise in order to get her way. It shows how she struggles with many things, but in the end it all works out. OK, so maybe this is not a story where she really figures out how to deal with her problems, but she does get a little better over time.
Eeyore - Nobody Wants to Be My Friend

TRACK ONE- Nobody Wants to be my Friend, by Eeyore

"...nobody wants to be my friend..."

This song represents how at the beginning of the play Helena feels like nobody really cares about her. She back stabbed Hermia so they are not really friends anymore. She kept following Demetrius no matter how hard he begs her to leave so he is not very happy with her. She gets really unhappy with her life and her relationships with other people.
Taylor Swift ~ "Bad Blood" Cover

TRACK TWO-Bad blood Cover, by Taylor Swift

"... Cause baby now we got bad blood..."

In this song, Hermia portrays her disappointment of Helena betraying her. When Hermia tried to elope with Lysander, Helena gets really envious of her (Ok, she might have a right to, but still...) and tattles on Hermia. Helena recounts the times of when they were children and they would play in the woods together. This song represents the way their friendship ended up.
Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe (Official Music Video)

TRACK THREE-Maybe, by Ingrid Michaelson

"...But maybe, you`re gonna come back..."

While Helena and Demetrius are going into the woods, Helena begs abd begs and begs Demetrius to love her back. She really wants-like, more that anything else- him to like her back. This song represents Helena`s wish for Demetrius and symbolizes her #1 wish in the world; as she showed us earlier in the play she said that the only thing that matters is how Demetrius feels about her.

One and Only - Adele (Lyrics)

TRACK FOUR-One and Only, by Adele

"...and simply be mine..."

In this song, Helena promises Demetrius that she really is what he is looking for and that they are perfect for each other. She tells him how she really feels, how she knows that they will eventually end up with each other, and that Demetrius needs to just trust her.
Colbie Caillat - Realize Lyrics

TRACK FIVE-Realize, by Colbie Caillat

"..If you just realized what I just realized..."

In this song, Lysander sings to Helena about how he realizes how they are perfect for each other. He sings of the feelings that he did not know about, how he really knows that they are perfect for each other, how he knows that he loves her. He expresses the impact of her and how it sort of came as a shock but he realizes that he does in fact love her.
Forget You Cee Lo Green Lyrics [CLEAN] Better Version In Desc

TRACK SIX-Forget You, by Cee Lo Green

"..yeah I`m like, forget you!..."

When Demetrius realizes that Lysander has also fallen under the spell and has expressed love for Helena, he tries to win over Helena and "beat' Lysander. They have a verbal war both trying to get Helena`s approval before the other. This song represents how Demetrius and Lysander want the other one to back off.
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri Lyrics

TRACK SEVEN-A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri

"..I have died every day waiting for you..."

In this song, Helena sings about how happy she ends up being, how her dreams came true, how she got what she really wanted. She shows how when Demetrius and her end up together she tells him about every single day, every single hour that she spent thinking about him and how she will forever be with him.

the friendship song lyrics

TRACK EIGHT-Friendship Song, by Carbon Leaf

"...I want to be your pal, want to be around..."

In this song, Helena and Hermia reunite as friends and make up with each other. They end up both having their way and do not really have any reason to be mad at each other. They think of the good times that they had as little kids and realize that they should still be making memories. They start being friends again and in the end, everything works out in their favor.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)

TRACK NINE- Happy, by Pharrell Williams

"...because I am happy!..."

Towards the end of the play, Hermia and Lysander end up with each other and Helena and Demetrius end up with each other. This song shows how they are all happy with the way it all worked out. It shows the way all of the broken friendships and cracked relationships were all glued back together and all turn out the way everybody wanted it too.

Everything Is AWESOME!!! -- The LEGO® Movie -- Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

TRACK TEN-Everything is Awesome, by the Lego Movie

"...everything is awesome when you are living the dream..."

At the very end, every single character in the play is happy and 100% happy with the way their lives end up. This song represents the happy ending that everybody ends up with. It talks about the way they all pulled it together and solved all of the problems. Sure, most plays has a happy ending, and sure, this is one of those. But it is still really uplifting when every person gets their way.