Fuller Apts. Chronicles

Fall Issue 09/16/2016

A- Term in Full Swing

Hey all, I hope A-Term has been going well so far! Mid terms, Hell Week, Projects and Involvements are now all in full swing. Well here are a few events, stress relievers and activities to help lighten your load this term!

By participating in one or more of these weekly activities you get a crayon lego brick! The resident or apartment per capita that collects the most at the end of the semester will win an awesome prize! It could be anything from wings to apartment supplies!

Challenge #1 : DIY Of the Week- Motivational Quote Board

Create your own version of an inspirational board with days of the week as each section of the board. Then use pins to put inspirational or motivational quotes on your board! If you need supplies let me know and I will get you some.

When you are done, show me your board, send me a picture at smchisholm@wpi.edu or fill out the survey (scroll below). This way you can get your lego brick!

Challenge #2: Its all in the Video

Watch the music video that is posted. What do you think of the video? What was the message the video and the song was trying to convey?

When you are done, you can talk to me about the video, send me an email at smchisholm@wpi.edu or fill out the survey (scroll below). This way you can get your lego brick!

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

Challenege #3: Photo Spree

Take a picture of you and your friends or you and your roommates having fun at an event on campus!

You can show me the picture , or email at smchisholm@wpi.edu it . This way you can get your lego brick!

WPI Cinema

The Residential Services Office is very excited to introduce its new movie streaming service to provide you with a great selection of movies and tv shows to watch while on campus. Currently we have 150 movies on the system with everything from new releases like Batman v Superman and Barbershop: The Next Cut to other great movies such as the entire Hobbit and Lord of the Rings collections.

We will be adding 10 new movies per month to the system and will be taking student input on our facebook page. In January we will refresh the entire system with 150 new movies. A huge benefit to this system is we are able to get new release movies 6 months (or more) before other streaming services. You must be on the WPI network for the system to work, and if watching on an iOS device you must download the “swank media player” from the app store before watching from the website.



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I'm Shanel, my nickname is Chizzy. I am a senior studying Chemical Engineering and minoring in Management. I really like adventuring and I'll play any sport (tennis is my favorite). Come by and say hi when you have the chance.

Have A Great Weekend!