Digital Learning Day

Make a Difference

What is Digital Learning Day?

Digital Learning Day takes place on February 5, 2014 this year. This day is a nationwide celebration of innovative teachers and common-sense, effective applications of digital learning in America’s schools that support teachers, improve learning, and provide options for students to achieve at their highest potential.
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My celebration of Digital Learning Day extends not only to my classroom, but to YOU!

Here are some of my favorite digital tools!

Are you stuck in an assessment rut? Check out one of these:

Here are two of my favorite digital student response tools. These assessment tools can be used on any web-enabled device. Just create a free teacher account to get started.

  • Infuse Learning: Free web-based assessment tool used to gain real-time results to inform instruction. Provides interactive question features, including drawing.
  • Socrative: A smart student response system, where teachers can generate quizzes, quick questions and even competitions.