Junior Pilot Flash

Sept. 2015 ~ Franklin Township Middle School East

Edited by: Trinity Journey, Cayla Pittman and Madison Simpson

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From the Desk of Mr. Huotari

We are excited to introduce you to the first student-created newsletter in the history of East, Junior Pilot Flash. Our goal is to keep you informed while immersing our students into the world of journalism.

This month’s issue includes information about the 2nd Annual Walkathon, transcribed by Maddy Simpson, and two videotaped interviews conducted by Cayla Pittman and Trinity Journey. We are looking to expand the content featured in our newsletter, if your student would like to contribute, they can speak with Mrs. Warner in the Media Center.

To say I am excited about our students taking this on is an understatement. Our students are awesome, and this is just another way that allows us to show them off.

It is always a great day to be a Flash.

Mr. Huotari


Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 7:15am to Friday, Oct. 9th, 1:30am

10440 Indian Creek Rd S

Indianapolis, IN

Maddy Simpson: What is Walk-A-Thon?

Mrs. Miller: The Walk-a-Thon is what we use as an all school fundraiser to raise money for things that are extra, things that are fun and kids look forward to. Such as student recognition, honor roll, eighth grade social, eighth grade dance and we have some teachers who are some things for their classrooms. Things that we use that are over and beyond the things that are in the classroom.

Simpson: How much money did you raise last year?

Miller: Last year we raised at about 22 thousand dollars. And as far as we are now into the school year we have used all the money on the students. I can guarantee that 100% of the money was spent on the students. They only thing that was not spent, I say 100%, but a few hundred dollars were spent on prizes, most of the prizes on awards for the students for raising the money are from donations.

Simpson: Who support your cause?

Miller: So far this year Chick-fil-lay has made donations. We have had a couple anonymous donations. Royal Pen Bowling has made a donation. We have Meijer who has made a donation. There are many donations out there that staff members are working on and others I am waiting on.

Simpson: How much money do you hope to raise this year?

Miller: My hope is that we make 22 thousand dollars or more. I like to think that we have more students this year and that the excitement around the event and the students seeing what we spend the money on will increase the excitement. Since last year was the first year I am a little bit nervous that this year it could possibly go down because it is not the first ever Walk-a-Thon. Hopefully with the prizes that are being donated and that we are securing, that we will be able to raise at least what we did last year or more.

Simpson: Why do you think having a fundraiser like the Walk-A-Thon is important?

Miller: Well typically since I’ve been at East, I came when the building opened, we would use a company that sold like wrapping paper and cookie dough and those are all very nice but after a while, but the excitement wears off. People have all those things and they just want something different. When we talked about doing the fundraiser again, we talked about doing something different and we always talked about that here at East, making a difference. We said, how we can do something different to support the things we want to support.

By: Maddy Simpson

School Counseling Department

School Counseling News

Back to school time can be rough on kids and parents! After spending summer with family and friends, the transition back to school can feel like you’re starting all over, even if your child isn't new to the back to the back to school routine.

Try some of these tips to ease the back to school anxiety and fears:

  • Organize your home for back to school. establishing a comfortable homework area an help make kids feel more in control and relieve some of their anxious feelings.
  • Go over the basics: Where is their locker? Where is the lunch room? Where do the buses line up?
  • Remind your student they are not the only one who is nervous. Reassure them by telling them that the teacher knows that the children are nervous, and will probably spend some time as they help students feel more comfortable and settle into the classroom.

Tips for Parents

Cozy Up to Reading! Help your child read more by suggesting:

  • Read what she hasn't had time for during the school year. She might browse a stack of magazines that have been piling up. Or she could start a book she borrowed from a friend but hasn't opened.
  • Pick up the next book in a series. If your middle graders has read the first book in a series, she could try the second book in the series!
  • Put bookstore gift cards on the holiday wish list. Your child can use them before school is back in session.

Ms. Cynthia Hamilton

Guidance Director 8th Grade Counselor Last Name N-Z 6th Grade

Mrs. Kyle McClarnon

7th Grade Counselor 8th Grade Counselor Last Name A-M

News from the Clinic

Attention parents of 6th graders: The Indiana State Department of Health requires Tdap and MCV4 (meningitis) immunizations upon entering 6th grade (in addition to the immunizations already received up to Kindergarten). If your child has had these, please provide a record for school. If your child has not had these, schedule an appointment to have these completed. The deadline to turn in updated immunization records is September 22, 2015. At that time, if we do not have an updated immunization record showing your child has had the required immunizations, he/she will be excluded from school until we receive the update.

Attention all parents: please complete the required health forms/consent forms for this school year if you have not done so already. I am still missing over 200 students’ forms. If you sent the completed forms with your student to turn in at school, please check to be sure your student actually turned them in. Students without permission will be seen for emergencies but not routine visits. Students without permission may have a temp taken and sent back to class. If you still need the required forms, they are posted at the end of this newsletter.

Please refer to the student handbook for further information regarding Student Health Services.

Lastly, if you have any gently used clothing that meets the dress code and you would like to donate, the clinic could use these items. Students sometimes have need of a change of clothing during the day.

Karra Waters, RN

smalley club interveiw
streit interview

Upcoming Events...

Sept. 3rd -World Cultures Club - See Mr. Laker in room 1421.

Sept. 8th - Club Linus will hold their first meeting. The meeting will end at 3:00.

Sept. 11th - The Back-to-School Jam. Come enjoy music, Mt. Dew, pizza, dodge ball and more!

Sept. 15th - Business Professionals of America.

Sept. 14th - 18 - The Scholastic Book Fair in the LGI Room

Sept. 17th PTC shopping night at the Scholastic Book Fair

Sept. 21st - Picture make-up day

International Literacy Day

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 9pm

10440 Indian Creek Rd S

Indianapolis, IN

Character Dress-Up

Everyone enjoys dressing up, and we would like to see you dressed as your favorite character from your favorite book!

Please ensure you are following School Dress Code as stated in your Student Handbook. We are allowing hats if they are part of a costume however, they cannot impede the learning of your classmates.

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, Sep. 14th, 9pm

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN

Dates: September 14-18

FTMS East is conducting a Scholastic Book Fair to motivate students to read more. Join our volunteer group and help us plan and conduct our school’s best reading event ever!

Join us if you..

  • like to organize and put things in place
  • joy offering a helping hand, setting up, or packing up
  • want to help shoppers of all ages find the perfect book

We appreciate your support in whatever form it takes.

Contact: Samantha Warner