Ecology Scavenger Hunt

By Nick Turner and Christian Medina

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A living or previously living component in a community. The tree is a living component of the community.
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A phsyical component of a community but was never living, the brick wall is not and never was alive.
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An organism that synthesizes it's own food from sunlight or chemical energy, the plant uses photosynthesis to generate it's energy.
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An organism incapable of synthesizing its own energy, it has to get it's carbon from organic materials. Shallah gets her energy through dog food.

Food chain

A linear progressive chain that depicts the feeding relationship between organisms, the plant is the primary producer, the beetle is the primary consumer, the bird is the secondary consumer, and the cat is the tertiary consumer.

Current weather

The weather currently faced in the community, on April 21,2015 the weather was cloudy with intermittent rainfall.

Carbon cycle

The process of carbon being transfered through the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The trash can, decaying waste, and exhaust from cars produce carbon, and trees take it out of the air.

Water cycle

Describes the continuous movement of water, which allows it to stay constant over time. Condensation, precipitation, infiltration. The pool represents the cycle, the water falls into the pool-precipitation, then the pipes push the water to the pump- infiltration, and the pump, pumps it back up to the start, condensation

Nitrogen cycle

The cycle of nitrogen being converted into it's various forms. Biological and chemical processes, fixation, ammonnification, nitrification, and denitrification. The plant absorbs nitrogen through it's roots then converts it into ammonium

Phosphorus cycle

The movement of phosphorus between the lithosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. The plants are absorbing phosphorus from the fertilizer in the ground.


A relationship between two different species that both of them benefit from the actions of the other. My dog gives me her company and I give her food.


A relationship between two species where one of them benefit and the other is unharmed from each others actions. The car takes me places and is left unharmed most times


A relationship between two species where one benefits and the other is negatively effected the other from it's actions. I take a bite out of food and the food is hurt.