The Nile River and Its Surroundings

Aswan Dam

The Aswan dam is a dam in Egypt that is on the Nile River. It was constructed 1960 through 1970. It was built for hydroelectricity and to control floods. This dam uses turbines and there is no evidence that this dam is polluting the water, but they have found that some species of fish are gone.

Cairo, Egypt

The Nile River runs through Egypt's capital. With this running through here their water source is the Nile River. With it going through this city people are wasting the water literally there is a lot of waste in the Nile here. It is getting wasted because people are misusing the water and the bad thing is the Nile is smack dab in the middle of this city.

Farmland Along the Nile.

Farmland along the Nile is is kind of weird. The farmers crops and fields are right next to the river! The farmers have been farming there for thousands of years! They use traditional techniques to bring water from the Nile up on their crops. To water their crops they depend on floods a lot to that way they don't have to water a lot themselves mother nature will do it.

As Sudd

As Sudd is a Swamp along the Nile River. It is located in Sudan. This swamp isn't exactly a clean swamp. This swamp is clogged with vegetation. When travailing in this swamp do not expect an easy ride, with all the vegetation it is hard to navigate through.