By: Blake Emerson

Background Information

Birth: October 2nd, 1869

Death: January 30th, 1948

Country: India

Childhood: Gandhi had 3 siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Fact: Gandhi got married at the age of 13!

3 Micro Conflicts

Gandhi was thrown off of a bus in Africa, because he was considered colored. (Indians were not welcome in Africa) This conflict was negative because he shouldn't have been thrown off of the bus. Just because he wanted to sit in a seat, he got thrown off of a bus, it's not right, and that is why he fought for everyone being equal.

Gandhi was arrested in 1919. This conflict was negative because he was protesting, he was doing nothing wrong. I don't think it was a conflict that deserved arrest.

Gandhi resigned from politics. This is negative and positive, it is negative because people needed Gandhi to fight for their rights. It is also positive because it gave Gandhi less to think about in his older age.

3 Macro Conflicts

Gandhi lead a march in India, everyone associated was arrested. This is negative, because all of the people associated were trying to get equal rights. There is no reason for them to be arrested.

Gandhi was a spiritual and political leader all his life. (He traveled to many places and argued with many people). This is positive and negative, it is positive because he was fighting for people's rights, and tell people about his religion. It is also negative because Gandhi traveled to many places and discussed many topics, it seems that he would get tired of it sometime.

Gandhi fought for Indian liberation all his life. This is positive because he fought for what he believed in, and kept with what he was doing. Gandhi never gave up on the idea of everyone being equal one day.


I think Gandhi is an owl (collaborator) because he did not like violence, he always argued, but he always made sure there was no violence.


Gandhi lead many marches, and wanted equality for everyone.